VAD is a Norwegian furniture producer that has evolved from handwork traditions on the West coast of Norway five generations ago. When production started in the 1870s, it was based on household items like spinning wheels, looms and many other useful items. Several of these products got prizes for outstanding quality and design.

 In 1968, Oddmund Vad changed the focus from handcraft into the modern furniture products. For the time to come, several ground-breaking furniture models were brought to market, including some of his personal designs, like the lounge chair Convair.

The passion and dreams for the furniture industry have prevailed in the family business, and in 2005 his son, Håkon Vad started to work to bring new Norwegian furniture designs to the market.

With a keen eye on design, high quality and sustainability, the products shall differ in function, form, comfort and other important aspects according to the needs and requirements of the users and society. Five generations of passionate craftsmanship shall provide a difference for our customers and society.