HIDA TAKAYAMA is one of the most famous places in Japan for wooden furniture. Its craft history began at the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, the founder of Hida Sangyo, Masanosuke Sirakawa, launched a new enterprise of producing wooden furniture utilizing the rich forests of beech, which had previously been regarded as useless. Now Hida Sangyo is one of the oldest wooden furniture companies in Japan.

In the 1920's, Hida Sangyo began exporting to China and Korea, and in 1937 to the USA. After WWII, the company also started to produce commodities, in order to contribute to the recovery of the exhausted economy.

In December 2000, Sanzo Okada assumed the dictatorship and decided to produce wooden furniture with "knots", which had previously been considered taboo. But this range was successful beyond all expectations, and broke the norm in the world of Japanese traditional furniture.

In 2005, Hida Sangyo was producing a new series of furniture using a Japanese indigenous species "sugi" (Japanese cedar), in collaboration with the Italian designer Enzo Mari.

In 2011, Hida Sangyo has moved to the new factory. Hida Sangyo has been engaged in environmentally friendly manufacturing by installing solar power generation and pellet boiler.